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Rental Policy

Rental Policy Information

(to be read or given to inquiring watercraft renters)

Here is the list of things that you the watercraft renter need to know before renting a boat from us at Bellwood Boats. One half of the rental cost is due upon reserving any watercraft.  If a reservation is cancelled, this deposit less a 10% handling fee will be refunded‐if we are able to rent the watercraft to another party.

If the rental is not paid in full within one hour of the promised pickup time we reserve the right to rent the watercraft to another party and refund your reservation deposit less a 10% handling fee.

There is a $3000.00 credit card only damage deposit per watercraft. Or at a cost of $25.00 per watercraft per day you may choose to buy “gap protection” and lower the damage deposit to $1000.00.

You need a vehicle hitch with a 2 inch ball to tow the watercraft to the reservoir, and you are responsible for launching and loading the watercraft.

If you do not have a vehicle to tow the watercraft we may be able to find someone to assist you at cost of $75.00. The gas tank will be full when you rent the watercraft and you will have to go to the gas station and fill the tank before you return the watercraft.

All rental watercraft are to remain on Glendo Reservoir. OK that’s it, do you understand our policies?